This fruit is originally American, it mean its native country is America but it is being cultivated most in India and Pakistan. Its tree starts bearing fruit a year and a half after it grows. A fruit has five slices and grows all year on trees before ripening in the summer.

Raw papaya is dark green on the outside and white pulp on the inside.

In the beginning its seeds are also white but very small in size while at that time it contains a lot of milk. Its skin turns yellow as it ripens, and its pulp also turns yellow and soft. Later, the milk is reduced and the taste becomes very sweet and delicious.

Papaya is considered to be better if it has not been hacked or has been hacked slightly less. When ripe, the seeds of this fruit become like black pepper and equal in size.

The outer surface of these seeds is thick and shiny. Its seeds taste like rye. Greedy shopkeepers deceive customers by mixing papaya seeds in pepper.

When the papaya is ripe, its fruit is equal to that of a small melon. Now large papayas are also seen in the market. It has only one leaf on a stalk. It is quite large and looks like a castor leaf in shape is.

Properties of papaya

Raw papaya is used to digest meat. On Baqar Eid, most people dry it and freeze it, which comes in handy later.

In the past, papaya milk was mixed with raw meat or wrapped in burgundy melon to digest the meat.

People also make papaya pickle by adding it to vinegar.

This pickle aids in the treatment of haemorrhoids and other organ inflammation.

Important benefits of papaya

Reduces high blood pressure.  Relieves constipation. Stimulates the reproductive glands. It protects against asthma attacks as well as eye and heart diseases. It is also a useful fruit in uterine tumors. The leaves are useful for the treatment of dengue fever. It also protects against cancer. It boosts the immune system. Eating 100 grams of papaya in the morning can get rid of obesity.

According to experts, those who consume papaya in the morning can get rid of many ailments, including diabetes. But the condition is that it should be used regularly.

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