The world is getting harder day by day due to environmental changes all around. People have been badly hit by the pandemic situation and climatic changes. On the other hand, it is also a reminder for us to have a check on ourselves, our routine, our diet, and our environment.

Good health and a fit body is an essential aspect of human life. People are supposed to eat healthy for a good life not live to eat only. The adequate way of living a good life is to maintain your health and fitness. In the year 1948, WHO defined the concept of health that it is a state of physical, mental, and social well-being in which disease and infirmity, are absent. These three parameters should be included in our healthy practices in our daily life. A sound and healthy lifestyle is a product of changing your behaviors and mindset that whatever we are used to doing or adopted from our environment is worth doing or not.

 In Pakistan, 64% of the population are youth and children. The new generation relies on fast food like burgers or pizza rather than any fresh or organic food. We need to teach them healthy lifestyle activities to keep the generation healthy as they will become the future of Pakistan. Mental health problems like stress issues, negative aspects of social media, pressure from society, immoral groups in the environment, etc are greatly affected the physical and mental health of youth and children.

The major factor in changing habits is the exercise which should be regular and after that healthy eating habits. It is important to keep as it is directly related to diseases, medical issues, and stress also. With exercise and a healthy diet, intake of water is necessary to fulfill the needs of a healthy body. At least we should drink 7 glasses of water. People of all ages are required to be as active as possible as it is harder for people who are not used to any kind of physical activity in their whole day. The Health and fitness of our body don’t mean that you have to be slim or a bodybuilder. Most people often make mistakes by skipping meals and doing excessive exercise to lose weight quickly. But it is very dangerous for your body as it will slow down your metabolism instead of boosting it up. Physical activity plays an important role in keeping yourself fit and healthy as it will benefit both body and mind. Indoor or outdoor activities can benefit us in the developments but it is up to every individual in which he or she is comfortable. The changing patterns of balanced diet and sleep patterns affect a lot on anyone’s body. A balanced diet does not mean to eat less but it means we have little portions of meals and diet. It consists of 40% of vegetables, 25% of protein which include meat and pulses, 20% of fruits, 25% of fiber-rich carbohydrate and 10% oil. A night of proper sleep is also important in keeping ourselves fresh and fit. So, it is compulsory to sleep for 7 to 8 hours every day. 

Every individual can play their part by following all the practices in attaining healthy lifestyles but the state and government must provide an environment to develop healthy activities. Government can accommodate us by providing playing grounds, parks, hospitals, gyms, etc. But in the end, we are responsible for our changing patterns and improve the deficiencies. The key source of being happy and satisfied is fit and healthy. Our priority should always be our health and body and we get only one. Therefore fitness leads to good health. A fit person can overcome diseases and can lead to an active and stress-free lifestyle. “It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.”-Mahatma Gandhi.


It’s the need for time to encourage people to return to their original lifestyles by avoiding unnecessary junk food as we can control what goes inside our bodies. Smoking and other addictions should be removed from our life for better health. An enriched environment is highly affected by our health. Air pollution, unfiltered water, excessive garbage, noise pollution and   Personal hygiene like washing hands, keeping our surroundings clean, cutting nails, taking a bath regularly, brushing teeth twice a day, etc. should be a part of your habit and deforestation is very dangerous for a healthy lifestyle. Other than that positive thinking process, healthy relations and active social life affect a lot on our body and mind. It is very difficult to get rid of bad activities but it is not impossible.

“To keep the body in good health is a duty otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear.”-Buddha.        

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  1. this is a very good article and pics are very attractive and charming .this is also informative and useful for maintaining the health of every person.

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